Smash The Patriarchy Hoop Earrings

Smash The Patriarchy Hoop Earrings


Handcrafted in Seattle, Washington by Mia Stepherson of OHME

These hoops are big and bold way to demonstrate your feminism and your commitment to the fight for equality. For those days when you're feeling particularly vocal and want the jewelry to match, or for the days when you don't feel like engaging and you need a little visual aid, the Smash the Patriarchy Hoops are about as clear as you can get! 

Made from jeweler's brass with a sterling silver ear wire at the closure, they measure three and a half inches in diameter. The metal is unvarnished and will oxidize over time to a darker antiqued shade, but cleaning and polishing is very easy! Each pair is made by hand to order and may have some small differences from those pictured.

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