Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Essential Oil Roll-Ons


Hand-crafted in small batches by Whole Apothecary in Denver, CO

Essential oil roll-ons for every need available in:

  • Breathe

  • Slumber

  • Focus

  • Citrine


This cooling blend is formulated to ease congestion and respiratory symptoms. Made with organic essential oils, specifically known for their abilities to help open the airways and fight respiratory infections.


This energizing blend is juicy and refreshing, perfect to use in the morning or whenever you need a little boost. It’s infused with a citrine gemstone, an uplifting and joyful stone that clears negative energies.


This blend features organic and wildcrafted essential oils that stimulate the mind and promote concentration and focus


This calming aromatherapy blend is formulated to relax and encourage a blissful night’s sleep. Made with a particularly calming blend of organic and wildcrafted essential oils in a sunflower oil base, this roll-on is a great addition to your nightstand and carry-on bag.

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