Q: What makes an item "vintage"? What is the difference between "vintage" & "antique"?

A: "Vintage" is a term that refers to the age of an item. An item is considered "vintage" when it is 20+ Years old. An item is considered "antique" when it is 80 years old or older. 

For example, a 1950s sofa is "vintage" but a dress from dress from 1905 is "antique." 

Q: Where does CURIO find its items? 

A: CURIO is very particular about the items we stock. All items are handpicked, restored/cleaned & are only of the utmost quality. Most of the inventory for CURIO comes from private collectors & sellers. 


Q: Is vintage sizing different from modern sizing? 

A: Yes! Vintage clothing spans many decades of fashion. All the way from the 1920 to the 1980s. Throughout time, the guidelines of sizing have greatly changed. During the 1980s, the United States & other developed nations switched to "vanity sizing" which is the use of a small numeral to designate a larger size than had been traditionally used. 

So when shopping for vintage clothing, you may wear a variety of different sizes. You may often find that vintage dresses that fit you are two dress "sizes" bigger (or more!) than your modern size.

When shopping online, it is best to rely on measurements of the item you are buying. You should always compare your body measurements to that of the garment & make sure to leave yourself some moving room! 

If possible, try on your garment in-store to ensure the best style & fit for your figure. Many vintage dresses often are handmade & may not have any size tags at all. 


Q: I have vintage items of my own. Can I sell them to CURIO or trade them in? 

A: CURIO does take "buying" appointments. If you are interested in selling your quality vintage clothing, furniture or decor to CURIO for store credit or cash, please email Jackie directly at curiogoods@gmail.com to set up an appointment to view your items. In your email, please give a brief description of the categories & decades of items you have. Pictures are always recommended as well. 

Please do not bring any items to the CURIO brick-and-mortar during regular business hours. 

Please keep in mind that CURIO only purchases high-quality, authentic vintage & antique items.